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Recipes From Outside the Box: Homemade Minute Rice September 22, 2009

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Alright, so you love brown rice, but unfortunately, sometimes your growling tummy just can’t wait that forty-five minutes.  Or you’re going backpacking/camping and just can’t boil water for that long.  Or you have extra rice you just aren’t going to get eaten in the next couple days.  Never fear, I have the solution for you: homemade minute rice!  That’s right, you can buy organic brown rice (short grain is especially good for this purpose) in bulk, cook it in bulk, and then dry it in your oven to have on hand for an “instant” whole grain.  Unenriched, un-chemically processed, un-adulaterated brown rice that rehydrates in boiling water in under fifteen minutes that won’t cost you a fortune… ah, dreams really can come true.


PROCEDURE: Cook the brown rice as you normally would:  Heat 2.5 c. of water for every 1 c. of rice to a boil, add the rice, let simmer covered until the water is fully absorbed (around 40 minutes).  Spread the rice you aren’t eating right away, or that you want to take camping, or that you want for later in the week – whatever the case may be – and spread into a single layer on cookie sheets.  Place in an oven set at as close to 150 degress F as you can get it (200 is OK, but a little on the hot side).  Prop the door open a smidge to allow or air circulation, and let toast for about an hour to an hour and a half.  Check on the rice every thirty minutes or so, stirring to check i the moisture is gone.  The rice will change color slightly, and become hard and crisp.  Store dried, cooled rice in tupperware, plastice bags, or other airtight containers.  When you are ready to eat it, simply cover the amount you want to eat with boiling water, cover and let sit for approximately fifteen minutes.  Voila and Bon Appetit!

A complete homemade "minute meal

A complete homemade "minute" meal


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