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Fresh From the Farm April 9, 2010

Who doesn’t love the Farmer’s Market?  Every Saturday morning, I remind myself just how much I love it as the alarm goes off and I stumble downstairs to start the coffee pot before heading to the 800 block of New Hampshire Street to sell fresh, organic vegetables.  Working for Avery Lominska of Hoyland Farms for several summers at the weekend market, I realized that everybody thinks vegetables – especially the green leafy ones – are beautiful, but when it comes down to how to cook them so that everyone in the family will eat them – especially the green leafy ones – people are often stumped. 

Well, fellow marketeers, let the fear and confusion end now!  Each week, I will be posting a blog with recipes that feature the vegetables available from Avery’s produce stand that Saturday.  Some handouts will be at the actual stand, but the bestest recipes will be here online, along with continued dual-part commentaries and recipes to help you eat out of the box and in season…. and to EAT MORE KALE!



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